Training based on Artificial Intelligence

SmartContentAI allows the creation of audiovisual content with the support of AI tools at all stages of the process.

E-learning and microlearning courses adapted to your needs and available in record time.


Tailor-made training content with Artificial Intelligence

At FIT Learning we have been using artificial intelligence since our beginnings. Since then we have continued to evolve in all our products, with artificial intelligence being one of the best tools to offer solutions adapted to the needs of our clients.

Content platform integrated with artificial intelligence tools

The use of artificial intelligence tools makes it possible to improve the entire production phase of a course, from the development of the script, to the recording of videos, their post-production or the generation of new versions and languages.


Platform integrated with IAs such as ChatGPT


We solve all your doubts instantly thanks to our virtual assistant.


Programmed communications through automatic learning based on students' progress


Generation of content and answers in our knowledge base based on the most frequently asked questions.

Artificial Intelligence managed by experts in multimedia production.

We implement tools to assist AIs in every phase of the development of training content production. Our multimedia production experts supervise all the content generated and provide nuances thanks to their experience and qualifications.

  • Studio recording is not necessary
  • More than 85 virtual actors
  • Over 120 different languages and accents
  • Synthetically generated voices
  • Possibility to include real voices
  • Subtitling of all content
  • Photographic resources
  • Video and audio resources
  • Bespoke graphics and lettering
  • Assisted professional scripting
  • Customised scenarios and environments
  • Possibility of SCORM and LMS integration

Emerging Technologies” course

Discover our course developed with AI

We present our course developed with the help of Artificial Intelligence in all phases of production. You will be able to see the power of the use of this type of assistance tools supporting the work of our qualified professionals in the creation and editing of audiovisual content.

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