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E-learning courses,
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At FIT Learning we have a large catalogue of standard video content and we produce your own courses and videos tailored to your needs.

We make training easy!


Tailor-made courses and videos

All you have to do is tell us
what you want.
We do the rest

At FIT Learning we develop the best content in video and scorm format, so that training is never boring again. Do you want to see some demos? We can develop your course or your videos in less time than you think:

  • Videos with actor, actress or your expert.
  • Videos with graphics and animation.
  • Videos with role play.
  • Videos of your management applications.
  • Scorm courses
  • Ebooks
  • Post-production of webinars


On Boarding

Do you need to develop a welcome plan, do you want to design a really effective On Boarding process?

We create your welcome plan for you, in a simple, quick and very visual way… we use video and mobile phones as tools to effectively disseminate your company’s values and procedures.

Because it’s the first impression that counts, make sure your employees get to know the company the very day they join.

Standard courses from the catalogue

We make it easier than ever

Unlimited material

More than 1,200 videos at your disposal

Different learning formats

Microlearning, SCORM, vídeos, ebooks

All topics of interest

Gender equality, cybersecurity, management skills, office 365, gsuite...

Everything you need for your course

Our courses include downloadable material, evaluations, complementary assignments...

SmartMobile is a modular solution.
Get to know our modules and adapt them to your needs.

SmartContent is our ContentFactory where you can carry out your training projects.

Adapt your SmartMobile ecosystem to the modular configuration that best suits your training and communication plan. You can subscribe to the different “plug & play” modules.

  • Live broadcasts with SmartLive
  • Have fun while you learn with SmartGame
  • Manage your business with SmartPay
  • Create your own videos with SmartVideo

Two main modules


Connects with people and multiplies their learning

Discover SmartTraining

Increase the read rate of your communications by up to 70%.

Discover SmartNews

Cuatro módulos opcionales


Analytics and user-friendliness for your live webinars


Training and fun through gamification


Manage your premium services with our integrated payment gateway


Create your own videos in minutes

Get to know the experience of those who are already working with us

We don’t want to convince you, the experience is told by our customers who already have SmartMobile.

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