SmartMobile training module


Learn in a different way, connect with people and multiply your learning.

Manage and organise all your company’s training.

  • Microlearning training: access your videos instantly.
  • E-learning training: do you still have screen-based courses in scorm format? This is the platform for you.
  • Face-to-face training: organise your face-to-face sessions, invite people to training, send reminders, manage their diplomas, their evaluations…


Assess and measure knowledge with SmartBoard, our dashboard with over 50 real-time KPIs.

  • Viewing times, learning
  • Ratings, messages, surveys, tests
  • Time slots, access types
  • Geographical access statistics


Give your training videos a new life

Have you thought about taking advantage of the investment you are making in the development of training courses or videos?

We integrate ALEXA in Smart Mobile so that you can ask what you need to know because is there anything more natural than asking when you don’t know something? Ask Alexa.

Using Alexa to support your users allows you to reuse your videos, courses and audios up to 5 times more than you would in a training process.


SmartTraining, much more than a training platform

Discover all the advantages we offer you for your training itinerary on our platform.


Create and customise as many platforms as you need


With a comprehensive set of security measures to prevent attacks and unauthorised access


Use and pay only for what you need (training, communication, gamification...).

Face Id Access

Access with facial recognition from your mobile phone or computer

Simplicity of use

One, two or three clicks and you'll be accessing your videos, news or courses... It's as easy as it is fast!


Spanish, English, French, Basque, Catalan... Do you need more languages?


Add your corporate image (logos, photos, colours...) so that SmartMobile becomes your tailor-made platform.


Integrate your platform with your CRM or ERP, with Microsoft's asset directory or with your Gmail or Outlook email accounts.

Control of anti-fraud assessments

Guarantees the access identity in exams and tests. Protects the viewing of videos with facial recognition.

Eligible for bonuses

Get a bonus for your training in accordance with the requirements of FUNDAE (Spain) or SENCE (Chile).

SmartMobile is a modular solution.
Get to know our modules and adapt them to your needs.

Adapt your SmartMobile ecosystem to the modular configuration that best suits your training and communication plan. You will be able to subscribe to the different “plug & play” modules.

  • Live broadcasts with SmartLive
  • Have fun while you learn with SmartGame
  • Manage your business with SmartPay
  • Create your own videos with SmartVideo

Two main modules


Connects with people and multiplies their learning

Discover SmartTraining

Increase the read rate of your communications by up to 70%.

Discover SmartNews

Four optional modules


Analytics and user-friendliness for your live webinars


Training and fun through gamification


Manage your premium services with our integrated payment gateway


Create your own videos in minutes

Get to know the experience of those who are already working with us

We don’t want to convince you, the experience is told by our customers who already have SmartMobile.

SmartMobile is waiting for you, are you coming?


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