Live streaming of all your face-to-face sessions


Much more than a live class

Broadcast live all your face-to-face sessions and publish your recordings. Users will see their calls and sessions published in the calendar. Send reminder emails, SMS or push messages. No need to remember passwords, access url’s. Just one click!

Integrate your Teams, Zoom, Zoom webinars, Vimeo or Youtube account, offering a fully integrated user experience in SmartMobile and a simpler training model.



Evaluate and measure the impact of your sessions through the dashboard with more than 20 KPIs in real time.

Get metrics on attendees, attendance, ratings, duration, activity, types of access and devices.

Make one-way or two-way sessions depending on your needs. Include downloadable material, information about the speakers, about the session, and session evaluation surveys.

Access has never been more practical, useful and controlled. In addition, you will be able to subsidise the training in accordance with FUNDAE requirements.

With SmartLive, you will save more than 70% of your face-to-face classes, with lower costs.

Discover all the advantages we offer you

Live broadcasts

Conduct one-way or two-way sessions depending on your needs. You decide

Recording sessions

Have your webinar sessions available on replay so you can review them as often as you like. Training has never been so close at the click of a button.

Publication of calls for proposals

All your calls notified in your calendar. A simpler and more practical training model


Mobile, tablet and computer... You decide!

Reminder messages

Sending reminder emails, SMS or push messages. No more excuses for forgetting

Integration with your account

Integration of one or several accounts simultaneously. More sessions than ever

User experience

Fully integrated into SmartMobile, no need to connect via any link

Real-time metrics

Get data on attendees, attendance, ratings, duration, activity, types of access and devices.

Supplementary material

Download PDFs, evaluations, satisfaction surveys, additional information on webinar sessions, speakers...

Eligible for bonuses

Get a bonus for your webinar sessions according to FUNDAE (Spain) or SENCE (Chile) requirements.

SmartMobile is a modular solution.
Get to know our modules and adapt them to your needs.

Adapt your SmartMobile ecosystem to the modular configuration that best suits your training and communication plan. You will be able to subscribe to the different “plug & play” modules.

  • Live broadcasts with SmartLive
  • Have fun while you learn with SmartGame
  • Manage your business with SmartPay
  • Create your own videos with SmartVideo

Two main modules


Connects with people and multiplies their learning

Discover SmartTraining

Increase the read rate of your communications by up to 70%.

Discover SmartNews

Four optional modules


Analytics and user-friendliness for your live webinars


Training and fun through gamification


Manage your premium services with our integrated payment gateway


Create your own videos in minutes

Get to know the experience of those who are already working with us

We don’t want to convince you, the experience is told by our customers who already have SmartMobile.

SmartMobile is waiting for you, are you coming?


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