Manage your online business activities


Monetise your business.

In a simple way and through a self-registration website generated from the platform, you will be able to manage your commercial activities online.

Set a registration price for your training action, and limit the duration. Simple, isn’t it?

Create your own catalogue of courses and make them available to your customers. As simple as including your shopping cart and registering through the self-registration website.



Automatically publish your autoenrolment website

Automatically publish a web page where you can promote your course and offer all the necessary information so that anyone can easily self-enrol once they have completed the payment from the same page.

The fastest and easiest e-commerce. In just 3 steps: Create an auto-enrolment website, determine the duration of the course and set a price.


Stripe, maximum security for your customers

SmartPay is integrated with Stripe, offering maximum security for your customers.

You will have total control as it generates a report of payments and user duration times, being able to generate income reports between dates determined by the administrator.

The most secure payment, using AES-256 encryption, and storing the decryption on separate machines without sharing any credentials.


SmartPay is fully compliant and certified to the highest industry standards.

Secure international payments

DTS e-money institution licence for payment transfers in Europe, USA and UK

PCI Certification

PCI DSS Level 1 certification

SCA authentication

Compliant with PSD2 and the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirement


Reports SSAE18/SOC 1 type 1 and type 2, and SSAE18/SOC 2 type 1 and type 2

SmartMobile is a modular solution.
Get to know our modules and adapt them to your needs.

Adapt your SmartMobile ecosystem to the modular configuration that best suits your training and communication plan. You will be able to subscribe to the different “plug & play” modules.

  • Live broadcasts with SmartLive
  • Have fun while you learn with SmartGame
  • Manage your business with SmartPay
  • Create your own videos with SmartVideo

Two main modules


Connects with people and multiplies their learning

Discover SmartTraining

Increase the read rate of your communications by up to 70%.

Discover SmartNews

Four optional modules


Analytics and user-friendliness for your live webinars


Training and fun through gamification


Manage your premium services with our integrated payment gateway


Create your own videos in minutes

Get to know the experience of those who are already working with us

We don’t want to convince you, the experience is told by our customers who already have SmartMobile.

SmartMobile is waiting for you, are you coming?


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